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About Us

1. Define Brand Purpose

Mishio exists to empower consumers to live healthier lives through the food they eat every day. We are committed to Vietnamese families by providing innovative kitchen appliances that make nutritious home cooking effortless. Our product line of user-friendly air fryers, multi-cookers, and blenders delivers on the promise of simplified meal preparation and improved nutrition. We will continually innovate our appliance offerings to support our customers' health and wellbeing.

2. Define Brand Vision

Mishio will create a future where healthy, home-cooked meals are accessible and enjoyable for all Vietnamese families. We aspire to positively impact communities by making nutrition a priority in daily life. Our ultimate goal is to be the leading provider of innovative kitchen appliances that simplify cooking and promote wellbeing. Mishio's vision is to inspire a healthy, happy Vietnam through the power of home cooking.

3. Define Brand Mission

Mishio empowers Vietnamese families to live healthier lives through innovative kitchen appliances that make nutritious home-cooked meals effortless. Our products are thoughtfully designed to save time, maximize nutrition, and elevate the joy of cooking. What sets us apart is an uncompromising commitment to quality, convenience, and helping busy households thrive.

4. Define Brand Core Values

Mishio Core Values:

- Health and wellness: We are guided by a desire to improve lives through better nutrition and healthier eating habits. Our products and innovations aim to support overall wellbeing.

- Quality and reliability: We believe in producing high-quality, thoughtfully designed products that customers can depend on. Our commitment to excellence defines our brand. 

- Accessibility: We strive to make healthy cooking simple and achievable for all. Our products and solutions aim to be inclusive, user-friendly and accessible.  

- Sustainability: We are committed to sustainable practices and minimizing our environmental impact. We aim to be responsible stewards of the planet.

- Community: We foster a sense of community, connection and care through our brand. We aim to nurture relationships and bring people together.

- Simplicity: We embrace simplicity, efficiency and intuitive design. We aim to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

- Authenticity: We stay true to our vision and values. We aim to be genuine, transparent and trustworthy.


5. Define Brand Differentiation

Mishio's brand differentiation is centered around promoting health through daily nutrition. Unlike competitors who focus on functionality and features, Mishio is the only brand that designs kitchen appliances specifically to maximize nutritional benefits. Our patented technologies extract, preserve, and enhance the natural vitamins and minerals in ingredients, empowering customers to effortlessly create nutritious, delicious meals. With Mishio, eating healthier is easier.

6. Define Brand Personality

Brand personality for Mishio:

1. Adjectives and traits:

- Health-conscious
- Authentic
- Caring
- Approachable  
- Trustworthy
- Supportive
- Nurturing
- Knowledgeable
- Insightful

2. Brand archetype: 

The Caregiver - Mishio's brand embodies nurturing, compassion, support, empathy, and protection. The company cares deeply about improving people's health and wellbeing through better nutrition. It wants to guide and support its customers in making positive changes, acting as a caring partner invested in their growth and success. The Caregiver archetype allows Mishio to build trust and connection with customers by conveying its genuine concern for their health and happiness.

Key messaging and tone of voice:

- Warm, friendly tone 
- Speak to customers like a helpful, trusted advisor
- Focus on empathy, understanding, and shared goals
- Avoid sounding authoritarian or pushy
- Emphasize partnership, support, and working together
- Share insights, education, and guidance to empower customers
- Remain positive, optimistic and encouraging

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!


7. Define Brand Story

For over a decade, Mishio has been on a mission to bring health and wellness into Vietnamese homes through thoughtfully designed kitchen appliances. 

It all started in 2009, when founder Duy Le became inspired after struggling with his own health issues. As an engineer, Duy knew he could create solutions to help families lead healthier lifestyles, starting right in their own kitchens. 

After months of research and prototyping, Duy launched Mishio's first product - an innovative blender that preserved nutrients during the blending process. It was a hit, and Minh knew he was onto something special.

Since then, Mishio has continued to grow and evolve, releasing new kitchen appliances focused on making home cooking easier while maximizing nutritional benefits. From steam ovens to air fryers, each Mishio product tells a story of meaningful innovation. 

At the heart of the Mishio brand is the belief that small, thoughtful designs can make a big difference for your health. As Duy says, "We empower people to make better choices every day, one delicious meal at a time."

After more than a decade of steady growth, Mishio is now a trusted household name across Vietnam. But the brand remains committed to its founding vision - leveraging technology to nourish both body and soul through the joy of homemade cooking.